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Our Philosophy

Embracing a heartfelt philosophy, we believe in the transformative power of movement. Although our dance team thrives in the competitive realm, our ultimate goal extends beyond mere victories. Our primary mission lies in creating an environment that not only refines dancers’ technique, but also nurtures their confidence and self-esteem. Together, as a close-knit community, our dedicated staff, passionate students, and supportive parents unite to shape conscientious, honorable, and well-rounded performers. We hold deep admiration for our fellow team members, as well as the talented choreographers from competing schools who grace our journey. Our measure of success goes far beyond the tangible medals and trophies; it radiates from the strength of character we foster along the way.


We enthusiastically welcome students who have received proper training in one or more dance disciplines for a minimum of two years. If you meet this requirement, you have the opportunity to audition or request an evaluation if auditions have already taken place. Upon qualifying, you will be placed in a class alongside other students who have reached a similar level of technical proficiency, execution, and performance ability, subject to the approval of our director. It’s important to note that the duration of your training doesn’t solely determine your placement; rather, it’s your accomplishments and progress within that timeframe that matter. We recognize that dancers grow at their own unique pace.

To ensure continuous growth, students are expected to attend multiple classes each week, with a special emphasis on ballet. Being committed, punctual, prepared, and putting in hard work are all integral aspects of being a dancer. As part of our company experience, we provide opportunities for dance conventions, master classes, and workshops, which cover various aspects of dance and theater. Some of these classes take place at our studio, while others are held at external facilities. These programs offer enjoyable and enriching experiences that contribute to the overall development of each dancer.

Here are the notable dance achievements attained by Moves & Motions students:

  • NYU University Tisch School of The Arts Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Peabody School, Johns Hopkins University Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Marymount Manhattan College Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Point Park University Acceptance and Scholarships Offered
  • University of The Arts Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • St. Johns University Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Hofstra University Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • LIU Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Adelphi Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Montclair State University Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • LaGuardia High School of Art & Performing Arts Acceptances
  • The Frank Sinatra School of The Arts Acceptances
  • PPAS High School of Performing Arts Acceptances
  • The Long Island School of The Arts Acceptances
  • $10,000 Award Miss Dance of The United States 2022
  • $10,000 Award Miss Dance of The United States 2021
  • The University of Southern California Song Girl
  • Hofstra D1 Dance Team
  • St. Johns D1 Dance Team
  • Young Arts Festival Winners- Cash Scholarships
  • Revival Dance Convention
  • Revive Dance Convention
  • Joffrey Ballet School Summer Dance Intensive Program
  • Adrenaline Dance Convention
  • Pacific Coast Dance Fest
  • Elevate Summer Dance Intensive
  • Be A Star Hollywood Summer Program
    Summer in LA
  • NYC Dance Alliance Convention
  • Knicks City Dancers Summer Intensive
  • Relativity School in LA
  • Nuvo Convention Scholarships
  • Jump Convention Scholarships
  • Broadway Dance Center Scholarships
  • Steps Scholarships
  • Storm The Intensive Scholarships
  • Hussian School Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Ohio University Acceptances & Scholarships Offered
  • Cash Scholarships