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For almost four decades, Jodi Fera has held the esteemed position of Director at Moves and Motions School of Dance, overseeing operations across three thriving locations and guiding thousands of students on their dance journey. Renowned for her exceptional talent as a mentor, choreographer and dance educator, Jodi has garnered numerous accolades throughout her career, including prestigious recognitions such as Top Studio and Choreographer of the Year awards.

Jodi's dedication to excellence is underscored by her extensive certifications, including those from esteemed organizations such as Dance Educators of America and Dance Masters of America. She is also an active member of prominent dance associations such as The National Dance Educators Organization and The International Dance Entrepreneurs Association. As a licensed More Than Just Great Dancing™ studio, Jodi upholds the highest standards to foster a positive and enriching environment within the arts community.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jodi is deeply committed to community service and philanthropy. She has played a pivotal role in establishing local chapters of esteemed organizations such as The National Honor Society for Dance Education and The National Dance Honor Society, providing valuable opportunities for middle and high school students to excel in their dance pursuits. Furthermore, Jodi's dedication to mentorship shines through her leadership of the studio's Service Society, where she offers guidance and support for programs catering to children aged eight to eighteen.

Under Jodi's guidance, her students have achieved remarkable success, with many pursuing dance careers nationally and internationally. Through her steadfast commitment to their growth and development, students have earned scholarships for prestigious programs and universities, a testament to Jodi's unwavering dedication to their success.

Continuously striving for professional growth, Jodi actively participates in ongoing development seminars and teacher training programs, ensuring that both she and her staff remain at the forefront of dance education. Committed to the well-being and safety of her students, Jodi and her team are certified Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD), underscoring their commitment to creating a secure and nurturing environment for young dancers.

Beyond her role at Moves and Motions, Jodi is deeply engaged in the broader dance community, serving as an active member of The Long Island Dance Consortium. In this capacity, she focuses on raising awareness of the arts in the Long Island community. Additionally, Jodi works alongside other studio owners to create the best programs and systems, providing mentorship and consultation for various dance camps, programs, and activities, ensuring the continued growth and success of the dance community.

A proud mother of four children, Jodi's dedication to her studio communities and her tireless efforts in supporting aspiring dancers and underserved populations exemplify her unwavering commitment to enriching lives through the art of dance.

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