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Assistant Dance Team Director * Co-Acro Team Director * Competition Choreographer

Brief info

Lindsey Fera's bond with Moves and Motions School of Dance has been woven into the fabric of her life since she was born. Immersed in a myriad of dance styles from early on, Lindsey's dedication and talent propelled her into the halls of a prestigious performing arts high school. There, under the guidance of distinguished ballet and modern luminaries, she flourished, emerging as a graduate of the esteemed Dance Department at LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts in New York City.

Undeterred by the challenges of academia and the demands of her craft, Lindsey accelerated her academic journey, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, with a specialized focus on teaching, a year ahead of schedule in the spring of 2020. Unyielding in her pursuit of excellence, Lindsey now stands on the precipice of a new academic chapter, embarking on a dual Master's Degree program in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

Driven by a profound love for her craft and an unwavering commitment to nurturing talent at all levels, Lindsey's passion for teaching resonates deeply. As she eagerly anticipates Season 38, she embraces the opportunity to inspire dancers of all ages and abilities, carrying forth the legacy of her family's business with fervor and determination.