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Brief info

Sofia's journey in the world of dance began at the tender age of two. She embarked on her dance education at the esteemed Moves & Motions School of Dance, where she honed her skills extensively. Her commitment and dedication led her to excel and eventually become a dance major at the renowned Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Art and Performing Arts.

Throughout her dance journey, Sofia underwent comprehensive training in both ballet and modern dance, immersing herself in technique, dance history, choreography, and performance. However, her versatility didn't stop there. Sofia's talents extended beyond the conservatory program, encompassing a range of styles such as jazz, tap, lyrical contemporary, and acrobatics.

Sofia's growth was nurtured through her close mentorship with Brooke Fera and enriched by training with a distinguished lineup of notable figures. Joey Smith, Tadey Brdnik, Catherine Brikké, Gregory Sinacori, Kristen Foote, and Mary Brienza all played pivotal roles in shaping her artistic development. Furthermore, she had the privilege of working with esteemed artists, including Rudy Abreu, Billy Griffin, Shannon Mather, Josh Assor, Zoje Azeke, Steven Blandino, Lacey Schwimmer, Amber Perkins, Orialis Ashley, Ashley Dawson, Angel Armas, Victor Smalley, and the exceptional teaching staff at Moves & Motions.

Sofia's rich background in competitive dance endowed her with a unique blend of conservatory and competitive training. This amalgamation of experiences forms the foundation of her teaching prowess. Her dedication to her craft extends to her pursuit of certification in the Acrobatic Arts training program, showcasing her commitment to continuous growth.

Beyond her technical proficiency, Sofia's passion for working with children shines through. Her role within the studio environment has proven her to be an invaluable asset to our program. Her interaction with numerous remarkable artists has characterized Sofia's journey, further enriching her dance narrative. Sofia is so excited to share her passion for dance with her students and hopes to inspire them on their dance journey.