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Moves and Motions Registration FAQ

When do classes begin?

Our first day of Fall classes is Monday, September 9, 2024. We have a rolling, ongoing registration process.  Classes are continuously forming when scheduling is available. Need a class that may not be on the schedule? Give us a call or email

How is tuition broken down even though some months have more classes than others?

Our Tuition is based on the season, taking into account holidays, long weekends, closures for studio events, and inclement weather. Our studio is now fully Tech-Enabled® offering our members classes from home when the inclement weather prohibits us from opening.

Do you have a referral program?

We sure do!!! If you love what we’re doing, you are a currently registered student and refer another new family to us, we will give you a $25 credit – it’s that simple! Please be sure to let the front desk know at the time of registration.


  • Dress Code – All Dancers have the required dress code for classes. This is noted in class descriptions during the registration process and is available on our menu tab on our website. Orders can be placed through our website or in person. Recital Costume – Nope!- Included in your tuition!Recital Videos – Nope! This is bundled into your tuition

    Recital Tickets – Recital tickets are an optional purchase and are available online. You will receive an email and studio code that will enable the purchase of as many tickets as you would like while tickets are available. This generally happens in early May.

    Costume photos are an optional purchase. A professional photographer will be scheduled for late spring at the studio. All students will receive a sign-up and will be able to schedule their own time slot. You are under no obligation to participate

Can I add another class to my child’s schedule?

Absolutely!!! Dancers may add additional classes to their schedule until our registration cut-off date in the spring. Dancers must meet the age or skill requirement for the class they want to add, and there must still be space available for additional dancers in the class. Are you thinking about adding a class but not quite sure if your child will love it? We ALWAYS offer trial classes to our currently enrolled students. If you are interested, please email

What happens if my child is sick and misses a class? What happens if the Studio cancels a class?

If the studio cancels a class for any reason, it will make it up at a specified time. Classes that are canceled due to weather will be held via Zoom for all to enjoy. We do not offer make-up lessons if students miss their class. If you feel you need a little extra support, your teacher can provide you with a choreography video for at-home practice.

Where can I find information on…

  • Studio Events, Closures, etc.: All Studio communications regarding events and closures will be emailed, posted on our website, on our facebook page, and posted on our Instagram story. For the quickest up-to-date information, make sure you are following us on social media! That will be the first place information is released about closures and events.
  • Rehearsal Information and Photo Day information will be released in February. Our rehearsals are held at an offsite location. This affords the dancers the opportunity to see the theater and rehearse on the stage. Rehearsal day is scheduled in 30-minute blocks. You are in and out super fast. Photo day will be on a signup genius for your convenience. Our schedule for photos is designed for you to attend when it works for you! On Recital Day, we will have our red carpet and our step-and-repeat on-site for all your photo fun!!
  • Recital information is released during the month of February, and we are super excited about this year’s plan! Our recitals are approximately one hour in length, with no intermission, and are very entertaining. Stay tuned for our fun theme release, or try and guess as we roll it out monthly!
  • Registration for Next Season: In May, we will offer pre-registration for the following season. Each week, we will offer an early registration perk, ranging from the largest to the smallest. Stay tuned!

What is covered in tuition?

Bundled with your studio tuition are your registration fees, recital costume, recital day photos, and a professionally recorded video of your entire recital performance. No more “due dates.” It’s all conveniently rolled into one payment for you. Moves & Motions is a membership-based studio. Your tuition automatically enrolls you as a member. Your membership enables your child to participate in weekly classes at the studio as well as offers discounts on events, workshops, and fun studio activities. Membership gives you access to our student-only website, providing you with constant updates and information, teacher videos for at-home rehearsal, class music, class photos, bonus pop-up Zoom classes, in-studio parent observation weeks, and so much more. It also allows students, their parents, and other family members to take advantage of special perks and ‘Members Only’ events.

Why do Dancers need a Dress Code? / Where do I buy the Dress Code?

First and foremost, enforcing a dress code is for the dancer’s safety. The dress code ensures that there are no unnecessary clothing items or jewelry that can become hazardous to the dancer or other dancers in the room. The dress code sets the tone for the class, eliminating distractions, allowing dancers to move properly, increasing focus, improving confidence, and fostering a cohesive environment. Tights offer light compression that has been proven to improve circulation in the feet and legs. The ballet pink color helps show the muscles that are working in the legs, which is important for a teacher to be able to ensure the proper technique is being used by dancers. Proper shoes offer stability, traction, and support dancers need to learn the technique properly and prevent injury.

All Dress Code items should be purchased directly at our studio to ensure you are receiving the approved dancewear and regulation leotards. Have a question or a concern? Email

Why is my child measured for a recital costume so early and when will I receive my costume?

All dance costumes for recreational students are included in your tuition. Dancers are measured by staff according to the costume company’s specifications. This is done during the months of October and November, offering a growth allowance for every measurement. Costumes are ordered from second-party companies who give us an 8-12-week window for delivery. Recital Costumes are different from Dress codes in that they are made from elaborate fabrics and are often embellished so they can capture the light of the stage and create the vision of your child’s teacher. All studio choreography and music are approved by the Director and are selected in coordination with our studio’s yearly theme.

Dancers will receive their recital costumes on Costume Distribution Day on a hanger in a garment bag. This generally happens between February and March. During distribution day, dancers will try their costumes on at the studio so we can ensure fit and that all parts are present.

Will I have viewing opportunities for my child’s class?

Generally, we have parents in studio rooms once a month. This offers you a first-hand opportunity to see how the class is conducted, see your child’s progress, and meet the other parents in the class. Our multiple TV monitors are always on in every location, so you can view classes while you wait.


We encourage communication throughout the year to keep yourself informed on your dancer’s progress and get information about upcoming events and special opportunities for your child: please be sure to check always check your email and social media.  Of course, if you have a concern, you can always speak to our student managers at every front desk. They are there for your immediate concerns. If you have a more specific concern that they cannot answer, please do not hesitate to email the following-

  1. Billing
  2. Registration
  3. Events
  4. Dance Team
  5. Studio Concern
  6. Urgent Matters